December 31, 2012

Social Media Image Sizes

Fabulous article and info graphic! Trying to create cover images for Facebook or images for your other social media profiles?  Dan Wilkerson posted this great info graphic and article on Luna Metrics.  Go here to read the full article...

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet LunaMetrics

October 16, 2012

Are You Blogging?

Blog2.jpgLast week the Colorado Tourism Conference was held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. One of the topics of the conference was how blogging has directly increased sales by millions of dollars at Park City (Utah), Vail and Steamboat. The tourism industry is a tough business. If they have found a way to make a difference by blogging, you should consider doing the same.
Blogging is an art - not a science - but I can tell you several things that will help you optimize your blog posts.
  • Make sure to always include a photo and have a written description with the photo
  • Always use keywords when writing a blog post
  • Be consistent - make sure to post regularly
  • Keep your blog post short - less is more
  • Make sure to tell people about your post on your social media sites
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August 7, 2012

What are Small Businesses Learning from the Olympics

What can a small business owner learn from the success of social media at the Olympics?
  1. Everyone is using social media... so it is time to join in if you haven't already made the leap.
  2. Social media enhances your other forms of advertising. According to NBCUniversal, television viewership is dramatically up for Olympic viewing even though you can watch the Olympics live via the internet.
  3. The three places to be seen during the Olympics are websites, YouTube and Twitter (is this sounding familiar?).