January 21, 2010

8 Signs It's Time To Hire Someone

I used to clean my house myself. Only problem?

Even though I was happy once it was done, it didn’t make me any money!

Then I learned about success and the value of my time and I began seeing my time differently. I realized that focusing on what I do best could pay me WAY more than the money I saved by cleaning my own house.

As you learn new ways of valuing your time, you will expand into more success in your life and you will end up realizing the ROI (Return On Investment) of hiring help!

Here are 8 signs that it might be time for you to hire some help…

1 -
You have more 'to do's' than time.

If you can do it ALL by yourself, you're probably not doing much!

To increase your success, build a team to support your life and your business.

What are you good at? What do you want to be good at? How much time do you actually spend doing that thing?

2 - You aren’t making as much money as you’d like.

What high value things do you do that make you the most money? How much time do you actually spend doing those things? How much time do you spend doing things that someone else could be doing for you?

If you're running around getting menial tasks done - and you have no time to pursue your passion, or engage in your high-pay-off, high-delight activities - then ask yourself why.

3 - You resent people who don't struggle.

This is a big one.

If you hold resentment for people who live life with joy and ease, this could be a sign that you are waiting for rescue. That just leads to more struggle.

Only YOU are in charge of whether or not you struggle. Rescue yourself and learn what true empowerment feels like.

4 - You're worried about the economy.

Waiting for the economy to get better before you'll hire someone?

Did you know that prior to the great depression Coca-Cola, Pepsi and RC Cola all held equal shares of the market? During the depression Pepsi and RC Cola pulled back on their marketing, while Coca-Cola increased their marketing. At the end of the depression Coca-Cola had over 70% of the market and they still hold that same lead today!

While everyone else is pulling back, you can actually pull ahead!

5 - No one can do it as good as you.

If you just shouted "Amen Sister!" - then please step away from your computer. Go to the bathroom mirror. Look into your eyes and say the following aloud:

"I have a bit of a control issue."

The belief that no one can do it better than you serves only to keep you in the role of the Martyr. There are many people who can (and will) do it as good as you.

6 - You're playing not to lose.

When you play to not lose, all you're doing is surviving, relying on yourself and hoping no one notices you.

When you play to win - you take risks, you keep your mental attitude strong, you rely on the team, you look for the goal. Decide that you want to play to win.

7 - You've used this phrase at least once in the past month: "By the time I show someone how to do it, I could just do it myself."

This is the mantra of someone who refuses to succeed. It's the mantra of the struggle-addict.

Learning how to delegate is empowering. When you show them how to do it once, they can keep doing it so you don't have to!

8 - You dread certain things so much that they don't get done.
It's okay to not enjoy aspects of your work or your life. (Most musicians don't like doing their own newsletter, for instance.) This is the exact thing you can hire someone to do.

What items do you dread? No matter what they are, when you get them off your plate, you'll experience more energy just knowing they're getting done – and you don't have to worry about them anymore!