August 26, 2011

Get Off The Fence!!

I always find it interesting how people let a common thing prevent their success. In fact, I think that often the enemy of true success is something that almost can't be seen.

What is it?


Huh? The Fence?

What's "The Fence" - and what does it have to do with me getting what I want in life and achieving my goals... and what does it have to do with me losing what I have and experiencing failure? The Fence is the thing you "sit on" when you're facing a big opportunity or a big challenge (and they're often the same thing). The Fence is that thing that holds you back from taking decisive action when you have a big chance.  The Fence is what keeps you inside your COMFORT ZONE and afraid of changing things.

Right now, you might be sitting squarely on The Fence about the best way to grow your business in this economy.  Maybe it's time to look for innovative ways to proactively grow your business.  Virtual assistants who specialize in marketing support for entrepreneurs, can be an extremely valuable asset to your business success.  They are skilled, knowledgeable and while helping you make your marketing more effective, they can also free you up to focus on high value activities that only YOU can do.

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