May 6, 2010

Can Someone Else Do It?

Most entrepreneurs have some level of ADD and not enough clarity, focus, systems and effectiveness. Getting things off your plate that should be done by someone else will free you up to be more successful in your business. How much of your day do you spend on each of these activities?

  • Fulfillment, taking care of the business you already have
  • Activities that are making you money NOW
  • Future seeds, seeding activity for 6 months down the road (writing books, creating products etc)
  • Admin tasks, don't need to be done by YOU
  • Time wasters, distractions

Start with understanding what you have, what you need done, what you need to accomplish. What needs to get done that you can't currently get done? Understand what is in the "gap". And what, if you got it done, would move you forward quickly?
Do the things that are going to grow your business the fastest!

If somebody else can do it better, faster or cheaper than you, it is your fiscal responsibility to hire someone to get it done!

Also, if you outsource at the low end of the pay scale, you will need to be more involved; there will be more training and more oversight that needs to be done. At the other end of the scale are the experts who can take the ball and run with it, and can even tell you what and how to get things done. (Cheap overseas outsourcing can be very frustrating and very expensive in the long run. Good quality VA's will be between $25/hr to $75/hr depending on skill and experience.)

Remember, getting the things off your plate will shift things so you can make more money.