January 18, 2011

7 Email Newsletters Tips

Here are 7 email newsletter tips that will boost readership and response. 

1. Don't send your email newsletter the same time every month.  Make it varied.  You don't want people getting into a routine where they know your sending something and they just delete it. 

2. Don't make it look exactly the same every time.  People like "What's New" not what's old and boring.  Bring something fresh to them or they won't pay attention. 

3. Don't make your newsletter about you!  Write your newsletter about them. The benefits to them of your product, service or content. 

4. Don't use technical jargon about you, your industry or your product. You care about that, not your customers. 

5. Make it fun to read.  Try different things each time, run contests, do give-a-ways, make offers.  Be entertaining. 

6. Don't use your company name as the title.  Company names, titles and logos are all about you.  People don't care about you (once you realize this your marketing becomes better and you actually start making money) they care about themselves.  Title your newsletter something your readers would care about. 

7. Don't always send the newsletter format.  Switch up what you send. Occasionally just send a coupon offer with a dotted line around it so it looks like an offer. That's what we are programmed to know is an offer when we see it.