March 25, 2010

Help! I'm overwhelmed - How do I get it all done?

Is this not every entrepreneur and business owner's theme song?

Here are a few tips on breaking through the overwhelm and stepping onto a path of more peace, prosperity, and a smaller to-do list.

First - realize you cannot possibly do it all on your own. You should get help before you need it, meaning hire a virtual assistant, find an intern, or delegate some tasks to your teenagers. Don't think you've got to do and BE everything. (Accountant, marketer, web-designer, email-checker, etc.). If you've got any income coming in - it's time to hire some stuff out. This gives you time to work on income producing tasks. It's a catch 22. You either do it all and limit your growth, or you hire someone and grow, grow, grow!!

Second - come to the conclusion that everything doesn't need to get done. See what you can let go of, maybe for a day, a week, or better yet - forever.

Next - eliminate distractions.

Stop multi-tasking. Focus on one thing at a time and then complete it all the way before moving on to the next thing. Multi-tasking distracts you from giving something your full attention, making it take TWICE as long to finish your tasks. I promise, changing this can change your day!

Lastly - create systems. Run your business like a business, create systems for everything, and then follow them. This will help you find things faster, complete what you start, and ensure that everything is done correctly.

Getting out of overwhelm isn't always easy, but just breathe. You'll be fine, a conscious decision to mentally slow down will help you get through it and you'll enjoy your day more too.