June 19, 2013

How To See What YOU Want in YOUR Facebook Newsfeed!

Are you seeing all updates from the Pages you've Liked? Chances are you don't have the settings correct.

By default, when you Like a Page, Facebook sets the amount of updates you'll see in your News to "Most Updates". You need to manually change it to "All Updates" if you want to see the majority of posts from that Page. You still won't see 100% of their updates, but you'll definitely see more of them if you select "All Updates".

Step 1: Mouse over the "Liked" button for the Page and make sure, "Show in News Feed" is checked. You may also want to turn on "Get Notifications" so you'll get a notification every time that Page posts an update.

Step 2: If "Show in News Feed" is checked you'll also see a "Settings..." option. Click on "Settings..." and if "Most Updates" is checked, change it to "All Updates".

BTW, this applies to your friends profiles as well.

Please share this post with your friends or fans. I know many of you are savvy about Facebook settings, but most of your friends probably aren't.

June 17, 2013

Image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

Thanks to the folks at Tent Social 
for this great infographic! 

Social Media Design Dimensions - An infographic by the team at Social Media Design Dimensions