June 12, 2014

New Facebook page layout: 12 things you need to know…

Finally!! It’s rolling out to everyone: the New Facebook Page layout that was originally announced in March is going to be released to all pages. It took Facebook 3 months instead of the 1 month they had initially announced; probably because of the many bugs they had to fix. Here is a detailed list of all the major changes that you need to be aware of.

#1– Adjust your cover photo.

Your Page name and category, along with the Like, Follow and Share buttons are overlayed on the bottom portion of your cover photo. Remove any writing in the lower 65 pixels of your cover photo and take into consideration that Facebook adds a dark gradient behind the buttons and page name. The profile photo is the same size but is now moved up farther onto the cover photo image and a bit to the left.

#2 – Apps tabs are still present on your page, but they are in the left sidebar.

Custom tab images used to be located directly below the cover image, above the fold. In the new design, the custom tabs are now located in the left column and below the fold.

 #3 – All custom app tabs are still in the top menu bar, in the “More” dropdown menu. 

You can reorder the tabs by clicking on “Manage Tabs” at the bottom of the “More” menu.

#4 – You can have one (or two) custom tabs featured in the main menu, above the fold. 

When reordering your tabs, move the photos tab to the bottom position. This will remove it from the top menu, but photos will still appear in your left sidebar.

#5 – The posts on the page are now displayed in one single column.

You can still create milestone posts, but they will display in the single column format.

#6 – Your website URL is now always displayed in your about section.

No need to count the number of words in your “about” section anymore to make sure you have your URL appearing on your page, it is now displayed prominently. And it’s clickable too!

#7 – You can view the details of every left column block right from the page

#8 – you can re-order all the blocks on the left column, except “people” and “about”.

Go to the “manage” button (the pen icon), then click on “manage sections”.

Then use the “drag and drop” interface to re-order the blocks in the left column. Note that “people” and “about” will always be on top, you can’t move these two sections.

#9 – All notifications are now easily accessible in one convenient page

#10 – Easy access to your most important notifications.

You can quickly see if you have a new message or notification waiting for you. You also have a quick overview of your likes and post reach for the last 7 days.

#11 – All of your page settings are in one place.

Note that Activity Log and Banned Users have been moved to the Settings tab.

#12 – No more “use Facebook as [your page] in the settings menu”

To use Facebook as your page, go to the top navigation bar, click the drop-down menu at the far right and select the page you want to “use Facebook as”.

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